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When you need wildlife control services, finding a reliable wildlife removal company with experience and a reputation for success is essential. At Pestway , we proudly offer residential & commercial wildlife removal services, to provide our customers with the wildlife control services they need at a price they can afford. Our industry leading wildlife exclusion services come with a lifetime warranty*.

Wildlife Removal & exclusion Services

We Offer All Types of Wildlife Control

It doesn’t matter what type of wildlife control services you need in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky; our professional team can handle any problem quickly and effectively. We offer the industry best "Lifetime Warranty" on all wildlife projects. We are the experts in:

Bat Removal Services

Squirrel Removal Services

Raccoon Removal

Mice & Rat Services

Full Home Exclusions & Attic Restorations

Bat Removal

The Midwest is home to nine bat species. All of the Midwest bats primarily eat insects and some can consume up to one half of their body weight in insects in a single night. These insectivores provide important benefits to farmers and landowners by consuming harmful insects that damage crops. When feeding under normal conditions they can capture 600 to 1,000 mosquito-sized insects per hour.

Squirrel Removal

The most common squirrels found in the Midwest are the Eastern Grey Squirrel, Eastern Fox Squirrel, American Red Squirrel, and the Woodchuck/Groundhog. When squirrels enter a home they can chew through electrical wires, cinder block, aluminum sheeting, as well as many other construction materials. They need to file their teeth constantly and will gnaw on surfaces even when they are not trying to create or expand an entry point. This makes them a terrible hazard for house fires and roof leaks.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons can do a lot of damage to your home or business, we offer humane trapping and relocation services.

Humans, cats, and dogs can all catch Roundworm from raccoon feces and droppings.

Raccoons carry canine distemper which is usually fatal in unvaccinated dogs.

Mice & Rat Removal

Mice and rats are common in the Midwest. They feed on garbage, pet food, meat scraps, cereal grains, fruits, and vegetables. They are great climbers, jumpers, and swimmers. They can also squeeze through openings the size of a quarter. Rats have an excellent sense of smell and will leave a fecal or urine trail to mark a pathway as safe. Rats and mice transmit the human plague. Plague is a serious infection of humans caused by a germ called Yersinia pestis. It is usually caused by the bite of a flea that has fed on an infected rat or mouse. It usually causes large sores and abscesses in the glands of the arms and legs. Dogs, and especially cats, can also become infected and can spread the disease to their human companions.

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